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The CEO of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Dr. Da Costa Aboagye, has announced a coming initiative that will enable Ghanaians to access free medical checkups at any health facility on their birthdays.

This initiative aims to transform the healthcare landscape by prioritizing preventive care and reducing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in the country.

On Thursday, May 16, in a media interview Dr. Aboagye disclosed that the committee overseeing the implementation of this initiative is in the final stages of stakeholder engagement.

Dr. Aboagye added that this initiative underscores the NHIA’s commitment to enhancing access to healthcare services for Ghanaians and promoting proactive health management strategies.

Dr. Aboagye insisted that NHIA seeks to empower individuals to take charge of their health and address potential health concerns early by providing free medical checkups on birthdays.

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‘‘Now we are offering every Ghanaian the opportunity to go to any health facility on their date of birth or month of birth to at least check their vitals once a month.”

“We are almost done with the work, and we will be starting very soon … we have really worked hard to ensure this intervention is actually implemented at the earliest possible time.”

“So, we have even cut some of the processes that we use to make sure we implement this, the committee is at the tail end of doing the stakeholder engagements then implementation will start. So, for me, that will be good news and it will revolutionise our healthcare architecture in such a way that we will reduce some of these diseases and non-communicable diseases,” Dr Aboagye said.


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