woman accidentally swallows wireless headphones

In a recent popular TikTok video, a woman describes how she accidentally swallowed one of her AirPods while talking to a friend.



Utahn Tanna Barker provided an account of the occurrence in the video. She had gone to meet a friend when she unintentionally swallowed her AirPod, mistaking it for a vitamin while trying to hear better.



In a video obtained by The Daily Mail, she can be heard saying, “I put my vitamins in, took a drink, and I was like, man, those are stuck.”


“So I drank my water, continued walking, bid [the friend] farewell, and then I went to retrieve my AirPod. I also had my tablets in my hand. My AirPod was swallowed.



To get guidance, Barker immediately dialed his close friends and physicians. They all instructed her to follow their advice and let it go naturally.


Barker laughs and says, “There’s a bonus. “My right AirPod is still with me.”



In the video, Barker queries whether anyone else has carried out a similar action. It appears that they have. Often.



A Massachusetts resident swallowed one of his AirPods while sleeping in February 2021. An emergency endoscopy was required to remove the device.



A Massachusetts lady accidentally swallowed one of her AirPods in November 2021 after combining them with ibuprofen.



An AirPod was unintentionally ingested by a British celebrity in June 2022 when she unknowingly ate the Apple wireless earphone with her vitamins. Later, she vomited over it.

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