We are breathing polluted Air ~ Tema Residents

Residents of the Tema metropolitan area in the Greater Accra Region have reported a high number of cases of diseases of the respiratory system as a direct result of breathing in what they have termed as dirty air.

According to the locals, in the recent days, they have been experiencing symptoms such as a cold, chest pains, and cough as a result of the strong fumes that come out of some of the enterprises that are located in the vicinity.

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the residents of the neighborhood voiced their protest to the morning newscasters at Accra 100.5 FM.

The citizens of the city asserted that one of the industries located inside the metropolitan area was responsible for releasing a chemical into the air.

In an interview, the Assemblymember for the Dadeagbo area, Mr. Joshua Adudade, corroborated what the locals had reported and emphasized the fact that as a direct result of this, a large number of people have been diagnosed with respiratory diseases.

As a result of breathing in the aforementioned toxic air, he added, “my colleague Assemblymember on the other side was admitted to the hospital.”

Mr. Yohanny Armah Ashietey, Chief Executive Officer of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), has given his word that the situation will be looked into.

In the interim, he has requested that the locals take advantage of the health screenings that are being offered so that he may verify the authenticity of their statements.

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