Ukraine Government Distributing Weapons To Civilians

The Present Catastrophe in Ukraine is incredibly critical

P. Jay who is a Ghanaian based in Ukraine in the name of seeking greener pastures spoke on the current situation in Ukraine.
According to P. Jay, he arrived at Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine on January 2022, and upon his arrival, he was told that would be a war between the Russians and the Ukrainians but he did not see its seriousness at the time. After a few days, he saw some Russians loading bombs and other missiles towards the Ukraine border where Belarus was their hideout.

From his account, the Russians have mounted about 900, 000 soldiers while Ukraine has only 2000 soldiers ready for war but because of fear, the Ukrainian President called for aid from other European countries where the USA President, Biden said the Russians are fighting to invade Ukraine.
The fact was that Ukraine was under the control of the Russians till they decided to separate themselves to join the EU but the Russians are insisting on taking full control of Ukraine.

The Russian President, Putin make a declaration that anything can happen because he has realized that all the European countries are in support of Ukraine and because of the president’s statement at exactly 4am in Ukraine, bombs were released towards the capital city of Ukraine and some suburbs of Ukraine which has led the closure of the Ukraine Airport. Some Ghanaians at Ukraine are stranded due to this situation at hand.

Currently the government of Ukraine is distributing Weapons to citizens who can help fight Russia and has also called on members of NATO, EU and United States to deploy their troops to help them fight back.


Credit: Gentle the blogger

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