Two Wounded As Koforidua Jackson Park Redevelopment Project Collapses

After a portion of the building collapsed on two construction employees who were working on the Koforidua Jackson Park project’s reconstruction, they are being treated at the Koforidua Government Hospital.

In the course of a brief downpour and accompanying wind, the stand’s whole roof collapsed.

One year after it was awarded, the project that was scheduled to be finished in 12 months is still unfinished.

Some locals who were there during the incident accused the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly of overseeing poor work.

It is regrettable that the government spent money on this new project, and it has already failed. I question the contractor’s skill. I blame the Assembly because I’m astonished.

Another homeowner stated that “the Assembly must learn from this episode and make sure that something similar does not happen in the future.”


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