The Twin-Cities In Sustainable Partnership Project, a sister city project between Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis and Palermo Municipality in Italy, has commenced conversations with TTU to encourage the study of Arts and its commercialization. The Twin-Cities Project implementing authorities from Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis and Palermo Municipality met with the Vice Chancellor of TTU, Professor John Frank Eshun, and certain management members to discuss the collaboration project.
John Laste, the Twin-Cities In Sustainable Partnership Project’s Communication Officer, stated the Arts are crucial to achieving project goals at TTU.

The Twin-Cities In Sustainable Partnership initiative aims to improve multi-urban governance, climate change, and culture and tourism.

We’re focusing on the project’s creative arts and culture. How can we attract young people? The initiative discourages migration. We all know the perils migrants encounter crossing the Mediterranean to Italy and Europe. So we’re looking at ways to increase young enthusiasm in the arts to create jobs and deter migration.

We’re interested in visual arts to promote tourism and culture, he remarked.

He said it plans to work with TTU to promote the arts as part of the project’s cultural and tourism exchange component.

“Our Palermo team is here to engage the university, particularly the art departments, to explore how we might collaborate with Takoradi Technical University and the Palermo Academy of Fine Arts.”

…STMA through previous Sister City relationships with cities across Europe promoted exchange education projects for schools, so with this Palermo Municipality relationship, we also want to establish that same type of relationship where, even after the project, there will be established collaborations between institutions and other actors within the Metropolis and Municipality of Palermo“, he added.

Professor John Frank Eshun, vice chancellor of Takoradi Technical Institution, welcomed the Twin-Cities project team from Palermo. He stated the university wants to become a worldwide university and welcomes such cooperation.

“The University’s mission is to be a world-class university known for quality, innovation, and social significance, and what you mentioned fits with that. Faculty of Engineering, Built and Natural Environment, Applied Arts and Technology, Applied Science, and Business. Your comments match nicely with the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology, and I think your visit will help us reach out to the globe. You’re at the top Technical University in the nation, therefore you’re in the correct position, he remarked.


Lawyer Francesco Campagna, representing the three-man Palermo Municipality team from Italy, said the exchange visit aimed to improve the twining-relationship between Sekondi-Takoradi and Palermo.

“I’m glad the university prioritizes technology and art. Culture and creative expression may help develop a common platform for shared knowledge, which is another objective of our research. My tie is Ghanaian Kente but produced in Italy. We’re pushing this concept. Contamination may create new beauty. Sicily’s history is rich with numerous cultures and a rich legacy in architecture, cuisine, language, and environment. Ghana has much to contribute, but I don’t think Europe, Italy, or Sicily are aware of its richness. The future is Africa because people who didn’t care about Africa now do. To replace the previous method, we must create win-win conversation solutions, he stated.

Lawyer Campagna, the Honorable Consular of Ghana and Sicily and President of the Ghana-Sicily Commerce Forum, said the initiative promotes conversation and business between the two nations through technology.


“The new generation of entrepreneurs finds a good collaboration based on candid, productive discussion. Technology and the next generation of businessmen may be requested to concentrate on this approach, and I believe we can participate in a business workshop between the two nations to aid the initiative. I had the attention of Palermo University’s international relations professor; we discussed an Africa-focused team. I hope they’re planning introduction letters to link the two nations. The objective is to build a common environment for students and researchers to support this new approach to Africa using technology and tools that help improve company interaction. So I think the role of universities in developing skills, capabilities, and knowledge toward the future, while partaking in something from the past, the beauty of the past, in a new way to help the new world tell the future, can be very helpful and strategic for this project to help us create this shared platform in every step. It’s a way to develop a cooperative architecture that involves the university. I want to link you with your Palermo colleagues”, he said.

Prof. Victor Kweku Bonzie Micah, pro vice chancellor of TTU, said the relationship had significant potential for student work.


“We support the proposal since it will bring additional ideas to the cultural exchange area and help us comprehend and represent your creative forms. I believe we may have greater synergy in exchanging language, visual language via artifacts, and other things when we grasp the project’s goals. Our students learn to sell, promote, and disseminate ideas. So we can see how it might affect our students’ and lecturers’ work, he added.


Dr. Owusu Ansah Ankrah, vice dean of TTU’s Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology, stated the faculty is ready to collaborate with the Twin-Cities Project.

Prof. Mario Zito, Palermo Municipality’s Councilor of Culture and Professor at the Palermo Academy of Fine Arts, and Photographer Francesco Bellina also visited.

Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, TTU’s Registrar, and Dr. Gabriel Sam Ahinful, Finance Director, also attended.


The visiting team saw an art display at TTU’s Arts and Technology Faculty.

The Twin-Cities In Sustainable Partnership project is a 3-year, €3 million EU initiative with 5% STMA counterpart financing.



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