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Toxic Men You Should Avoid

Before you start a new relationship, you should be aware of various warning signals about toxic males. Most behaviors only get worse over time, so don’t ignore these red flags if you want to avoid a frustrating long-term relationship. Below are types of toxic men that you should avoid at all costs.


The flirt

Flirting with other women, especially if you’re around is a red flag and no decent guy would ever put you through that. If he flirts in your presence, just imagine what he does when you’re not around. He is playing you and you’re wasting your time with him.

The rebound guy

For one thing, he will take advantage of the situation to satisfy his sexual appetite, and you would simply not be in the right state of mind for that, considering your situation.

The liar

This is the compulsive liar type. He would also lie about his career, relationships, car, or home. He will fabricate a perfect image of his life just to impress you. mess.

The leech

The leech doesn’t have an identity of his own. 

Whether it be food, movies, or music, he’ll just have what you’re having.

 He tells you what to wear, checks your phone, and obsesses about whose Facebook picture you’ve liked. 

The man child

He acts like a schoolboy and demands that you feed him and cook for him. Dating him would be the equivalent of adopting a spoiled overweight child.

The ghost

He goes off the radar for days and only pops out when he needs something from you. 

He doesn’t appreciate you, nor your commitment to love. All he cares about is himself, and this is why he disappears so often. 

On rare occasions, you’ll get to see him on his best behavior. But not long after, he’ll disappear again and you won’t have a clue where he went or when he’ll be back. 

The cheapskate 

This is the guy who always complains about stuff being too expensive and always finds a reason not to pay his fair share.

The commitment-phobe

He likes to go out and have a walk with you, but he will never commit to a relationship. 

He will tell you how a girl once broke his heart or something of that sort. 

The lazy bum

 Of course, he is surviving, but he is never growing. 

He doesn’t give a damn about trying new things and isn’t interested in change because, after all, change requires effort. 

The narcissist

Yes, he’s probably good-looking, but in his own eyes, he’s the most good-looking guy on earth. 

 In addition, he will use a wide variety of beauty products to maintain his dashing appearance, but he’ll never be satisfied with it.

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