Top 6 AdSense earning tips to help you increase your revenue 

In this article, we will show you all of the AdSense earning tricks that you can use to increase the amount of money in your AdSense wallet. For your best understanding, we have made it very simple and readable. Maintain your concentration.

One of the most revolting aspects of blogging is checking your AdSense dashboard and discovering that your CPC is 0.02. Whatever the case may be, there are numerous ways to increase your ad revenue by increasing the CPC, which determines the daily revenue based on the number of clicks received.

We have spent time analysing AdSense over a longer period of time and have come to the conclusion that the AdSense earning tips you are about to read will help you increase your ad revenue.

One may ask “what at all is Adsense?”. Don’t worry you will be answered in the subsequent paragraph.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a Google feature that rewards content creators/YouTubers and bloggers for their efforts by generating revenue from what they do.

In other words, AdSense is a refinement and expansion of the concept behind long-standing banner ad sharing arrangements. AdSense is a programme that places targeted advertisements on the websites of participants. Google search boxes can be embedded in Web pages to generate text ads based on the search results generated by visitors.

How do people profit from AdSense?

AdSense pays YouTubers and bloggers by displaying advertisements on their blogs, websites, and YouTube channels. When a visitor to a Youtuber’s/site/channel blogger interacts with any of the ads displayed on their platform, money is generated in their account (thus clicking on the ads).

AdSense has a unique method of rewarding content creators/bloggers through media such as CPC and RPM:

CPC: Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount of money paid out by AdSense to bloggers and content creators whenever a user/visitor/viewer interacts with the site and clicks on the advertisements. Remember that CPC varies depending on what you do after clicking on the ads on the Ads company’s page.

RPM stands for Revenue Per 1000 Impressions in AdSense. For every 1000 ad impressions, this is the estimated amount/revenue/earning a blogger is likely to achieve. For every 1000 page views, this is the amount that will most likely be earned. RPM is a rough approximation of the actual earnings. It is calculated using (number of page views x 1000)

Now that you know how revenue is generated in the AdSense dashboard, let us look at some AdSense earning tips to help you increase the revenue generated in your AdSense account.

AdSense Earnings Strategies to Increase Your Earnings.

Many people have been trying to figure out how to increase their AdSense earnings. They can easily fall prey to dangerous AdSense earning techniques such as using a VPN for self-clicking, which is a very dangerous act. These actions can easily result in the AdSense account being placed on a serving limit and eventually being disabled.

Because of this stress and pressure, the employees of NEWS 247 REPORT.COM conducted some research into AdSense and its earnings, and as a result, we have developed these AdSense earning tricks that you can use to easily increase your earnings by 90% for free without Google AdSense harming your ad account.

The Top 6 AdSense Earning Strategies.

The top 6 AdSense earning tricks are listed below, and you can use them to increase your earnings by 90%. It is extremely secure and genuine.

1. To increase conversions, use a variety of ad units.

Place ad units of different types (AdSense for content, link, and search) and in different sizes on your pages. This is one of the AdSense earning tricks you can use, and it is a simple way to boost your AdSense click rate and revenue. As a result, your users will see more ads from Google’s large ad inventory, increasing their chances of clicking on one of them.

In your HTML code, make sure the best-located ad on your page appears first. This will ensure that the ads that place highest in the auction take up the most visible ad real estate, increasing your revenue.

To avoid having your account banned, remember to follow the AdSense maximum ad policy, which allows you to have up to three AdSense for content units, three link units, and two search units on each page.

2. Keep the number of ads above the fold to a minimum.

As previously stated, as a page is scrolled, an ad loses value, so if you include more ads in your content, you will lose value. As a page is scrolled, the CPC decreases.

The portions of a web page that are visible without scrolling are referred to as “above the fold” in web design terminology. Users are turned off when there are too many ad units above the fold because finding the content they came in for becomes difficult, and the likelihood of exiting the page increases. As a result, such pages are now penalised by Google. An excerpt from the Google Webmaster Central blog is as follows:

“As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience.

Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change.

If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience.

Such sites may not rank as highly going forward.

We understand that placing ads above the fold is quite common for many websites; these ads often perform well and help publishers monetize online content.

This algorithmic change does not affect sites that place ads above-the-fold to a normal degree but affects sites that go much further to load the top of the page with ads to an excessive degree or that make it hard to find the actual original content on the page.

This new algorithmic improvement tends to impact sites where there is only a small amount of visible content above-the-fold or relevant content is persistently pushed down by large blocks of ads.”

3. Increase the impact of color in-text ad units.

It is crucial to play around with the colour of text ad units if you want to improve their visibility. On a darker website theme, an ad style that works on a light website theme may appear too bright and distracting, turning users away from the ad as well as the web page.

Match the background and border colour of the ad unit to the background of the page where the ad will be placed for the most unobtrusive user experience.

Match the background and border colours to your website for a more distinct ad, but not exactly to where the ads are placed. To find the best performing format, experiment with different styles and track ad performance over time.

4. Create and develop responsive adverts.

Using responsive ads on your site is one of the AdSense earning tricks that you can not ignore if you want to make a lot of money.

This connects to a larger point about using a responsive design on your website (which you should do if you are running a website in 2015). According to Wikipedia, responsive design is defined as follows:

“Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide the best possible viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, especially on mobile phones).”

According to Comscore, mobile platforms, which include smartphones and tablets, account for 60% of total digital media time spent, up from 50% a year ago. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach this demographic.

So, how does this relate to AdSense, you might wonder? AdSense, on the other hand, works well with responsive design, allowing you to generate codes for responsive ad units that automatically resize to provide the best viewing experience for mobile users. Do it now, because 60 percent is a number that will only rise in the future.

Connect your Google AdSense and Google Analytics accounts.

You can add AdSense metrics like revenue, clicks, and impressions to your favourite analytics reports to get a better understanding of how well your pages or content is monetizing by linking your AdSense and Google Analytics accounts.

This information can help you optimise your site by determining the best ad load or what type of content to prioritise.

After you have linked your properties, you can use Analytics data to refine and optimise your AdSense ad units, boosting your website’s overall performance.

5. Generate an audience.

You should be aware that earnings are not generated automatically, but rather as a result of people visiting your site and clicking on the ads displayed, which is why it is necessary to build an audience before pursuing AdSense.

Though it may be tempting to install AdSense on your website as soon as you have published your first piece of content, resist the urge.

Visitors will be less likely to share or link to your website if it is cluttered with ads before they are aware of it. This limits your ability to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Instead, prior to displaying ads, concentrate on gaining a sizable audience in terms of email subscribers, RSS readers, and monthly visitors.

Simply put, if there is no traffic, there is no money; if there is more traffic, there is more money.

6. Write on contents with high CPC.

One of the AdSense earning tricks that every blogger can use to boost earnings is to write on high CPC niches. One of your goals as a blogger is to maximise profit rather than loss.

There are a few keywords that have a lot of natural earning potential. Writing in these niches will increase the chances of your AdSense account earning more money.

You can write about the following topics: Insurance, health, finance, loans, accident lawyers, and technology are just a few examples.

Note: Once you have figured out what kind of content to create in order to maximise profits, you will need to figure out which countries to target with those high niches.

Targeting countries such as the United States, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, Norway, Australia, and others will help you maximise your earnings because a click from them will earn you a lot of money.

What are you waiting for now that you know how to increase your AdSense earnings? Simply put them into practise, and joy will ensue.

Do you have any AdSense earning tricks that you use to supplement your income? Do not be shy about sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world in the comments. Thanks.

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