How to read the icons on the home screen of TikTok

Icons have evolved into a very helpful method of accessing the features of your programs. This is particularly true when you have a lot of functions to access on the screen of your phone, which is often not very large.

But if you’ve never used an app before and there are a lot of icons on it, the vast majority of which aren’t labeled, how are you supposed to figure out what they all represent and how to use them?
(And trust me, if you have this problem, you are not alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a strange icon out of curiosity and then started yelling at the screen, “I didn’t mean to do that!”) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a strange icon out of curiosity and then started yelling at the screen: “I didn’t mean to do that!”


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s speak about the icons that might potentially appear on your TikTok homescreen as well as other displays. Keep in mind that app features might rapidly evolve;



Since this was written one week or perhaps one month ago, it’s likely that the symbols I’m seeing today have been updated in some way. However, there may still be sufficient information included here to be of use.


the very top of the display


If you look at the top of the screen, from left to right, you will see certain icons that will assist you change the way that you are seeing things. These icons are as follows:


Live: If you choose the Live symbol, which resembles a television set, you will be sent to TikTok Live, which is where you will be able to see a live broadcast that may or may not include comments and gifts from other users.


Tap the Explore button in the upper right corner of the screen to look for more live videos to watch if the one you’re currently viewing isn’t to your liking. In addition, if you want to follow a select group of TikTokers, those users will often inform you when they will be appearing in a Live broadcast.


Following: enables you to swipe through all of the feeds that you are currently actively following; a red dot next to it indicates that there is fresh content that can be accessed.


For You: the fundamental TikTok experience; you’ll be presented with a selection of videos based on what the TikTok algorithm determines you’ll like watching the most.


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There is a symbol that often displays on the left side of the screen, but it is very easy to miss it. It is the Caption icon, and due to the fact that it is almost see-through, it might be difficult to locate.


If the video’s author has made subtitles available for it, you’ll be able to read them if you press the symbol to bring them up. If you wish to conceal the captions once again, you may do so by tapping on any of the captions, at which point you will see a button labeled “Hide captions.”


Screening at the Bottom


Now: when BeReal became a thing, which requires its users to send out short films at random times, it was practically inevitable that TikTok would want to become a part of it. BeReal demands its users send out short movies at odd moments.


When the Now function is turned on, it will give you daily reminders to shoot images with both the front and rear cameras on your device and distribute them to other people.

When you want to upload a new TikTok video, click on the enormous plus symbol in the centre of the screen. I apologize; I’m well aware of how blatant it is, but it has to be included in this overview.


Inbox is the place where you may review all of the recent activity that have occurred on your account; however, the layout might be a little bit complicated. The Activities area provides information on a variety of topics, including the number of users who have seen your profile and links to videos that demonstrate how to use TikTok.


A section labeled “Messages” will inform you whether you have gained any new followers and whether or not any videos have been posted by you. You also have the option of selecting individuals to follow from either your contacts list or from a list of “people you may already know.”


Profile: This link brings you to the page where your profile is located. People will be able to see your user name, a brief bio, a tally of how many people are following you and who you are following, as well as all of the public films that you have uploaded when they go to that location.


On your personal profile page, you will notice some content that is a little bit different. Access to your picture collections, any videos you have generated but have not made public, any videos, noises, effects, or other things that you have designated as a favorite, and all of the videos that you have “liked” are also available, so you are not limited to viewing just your own films.

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Home: clicking this button will send you back to the home screen of your device, however the movie that is playing there may not be the same one that you were viewing before. Tiktok is the antithesis of a predictable game.

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