Tesla Full Self Driving beta has 160,000 users

During its presentation for AI Day on Friday night, Tesla showed off more than just the Optimus robot prototype it has been working on.

At Tesla’s AI day, Ashok Elluswamy, director of Autopilot, gave a presentation regarding the improvements that have been made to the Full Self Driving software offered by the firm.

He said that there are now 160,000 beta testers, which is a significant increase from the low point of 2,000 individuals one year ago.


According to Tesla, there have been 35 upgrades to the FSD software. During the question-and-answer session that took place at the conclusion of the presentation, Elon Musk anticipated that the technology will be ready for a global deployment by the end of this year. Musk said so while admitting the regulatory and testing hurdles that still needed to be cleared.


After that, Tesla’s engineering lead for Autopilot motion planning, Paril Jain, demonstrated how FSD has improved at specific interactions and is now able to make judgments “like a person.”

When a Tesla driver makes a left turn into an intersection, for instance, the car has the ability to determine a route that avoids coming too near to pedestrians crossing the street or any other obstructions.


It is well knowledge that any Tesla can provide datasets that can be used into the construction of the models that FSD requires. Now, according to Phil Duan, who is in charge of Tesla’s engineering management, the business will begin using such datasets in order to construct and analyze precise 3D structures.


They also said that the automobiles assist individuals in making better judgments whether it is nighttime, when there is fog, when it is pouring, or when there is both.


Tesla uses its own supercomputer to train its artificial intelligence software. After that, the automobiles of the clients get the findings through over-the-air software upgrades.


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It does this by processing video feeds from Tesla’s over one million camera-equipped vehicles now on the road today and by using an Unreal Engine simulator to make Autopilot better. Tesla currently has over 1 million camera-equipped cars on the road.

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