Technical University Student who sells pure water claims his ex-girlfriend inspired him: “She dumped me after I began.”

A heartwarming video of a young street vendor describing how he started his business has touched the hearts of many online.

In the video, Ernest Antwi shares that his ex-girlfriend was the inspiration behind his decision to become a street vendor. However, he reveals that she left him shortly after he started the business, and his attempts to reconcile with her were unsuccessful.

Ernest Antwi, a hardworking young man, reveals the origin of his idea to engage in street vending. The Accra Technical University (ATU) student discussed his enterprise with Kwadwo Sheldon. He mentions that his ex-girlfriend advised him to find a way to support himself.

When asked about his relationship status, Ernest responds negatively, indicating that she demanded money from him which he couldn’t provide. Since then, she has blocked his number, making it impossible for him to contact her.

Internet users who watched the video praised Ernest Antwi for his hard work and perseverance despite the challenges he faced. Some shared their observations of seeing him on campus diligently balancing his work and academics. They expressed admiration for his determination and predicted success for his brand, suggesting he seek investors for his water company. There were also mentions of helping him connect with a woman named Madam Josephine, who had provided financial aid to another young girl peddling yams and offered assistance with education.

Overall, the video resonated with viewers, showcasing the true spirit of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

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