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S*x is safe during pregnancy although you may need to take certain precautions

If the pregnancy is progressing normally, sex is in no way harmful to the baby.





Sometimes, couples refrain from having sex during heavy stages of pregnancy due to the fear that it will harm the foetus. But if a couple wants to try it out, they should be aware of the pros and cons of having sex during pregnancy.

Hence, we have listed all the safety precautions that are necessary during pregnancy sex. Check the list below:





  • Don’t have sex after your water breaks

There may be a risk of infection if you have sex after your water breaks. At this time your uterus becomes very sensitive. So it is strongly advised to refrain from having sex when your water has already been broken.

  • Don’t have sex in case of a high-risk pregnancy

Do not attempt to have sex if the doctor has termed your pregnancy as a high-risk one. It is not safe to go for it if you have had miscarriages before if you have a shortened cervix etc. Any step you take should be consulted with your doctor first.

  • Choose the right lube

You need to be really lubricated when you’re trying to have sex when you are pregnant.

Also choosing the right kind of lubrication is very necessary.

  • Try different sex positions

You should opt for different sex positions that will help you feel more comfortable when you’re pregnant. It is advisable to go for sex positions like spooning which is one of the most comfortable positions during pregnancy.

  • Try other forms of sex

If you and your partner are in the mood, it isn’t necessary to only stick to penetrative sex. You can go for other forms of sex such as oral sex, masturbation or trying with sex toys. These can be relatively easier ways to orgasm and feel completely stress-free.

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