Swissty Talks About Drug Abuse At The Just Ended Face Of Louis

Read as Grace Antwi Boasiako with stage name Swissty speaks and perform on drug abuse during the Face of Louis 22 at the St. Louis College Of Education Kumasi.

kindly play the audio as you read:


1st Scene:, Mommy:You always come home drank, you always don’t have Money for the kids but you have money to buy drinks for your friends.
Daddy: Spare me words woman,you can’t tell me what to do with my own Money. In fact I Don’t see any value you add to my life get your self and those filthy kids out of my house.
Kids: daddy please mommy please don’t fight..
So my dad sacked us from the house leaving us stranded.

2nd Scene:,
Walking on the street and hit someone’s shoulder accidentally. He became angry and later asked we should be friends.
Stranger: Lady are you blind? Didn’t you see me coming
Me: Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you soo sorry I’m not on myself.
Stranger: Don’t worry is everything okay with you ?
Me:please Is a long story I’m even depressed.
Stranger: Don’t worry you follow me anyways I’m Eli .What about you?
Me : I’m I’m Molly
Stranger: Nice meeting you
Me: it’s my pleasure

Grace Antwi-Boasiako at Face of Louis

3rd Scene :He then send me a secret place and introduced me to his geng not knowing they were drug dealers.
Stranger: Okay Molly , welcome to my crip. It is where everything goes down. You can make a lot of Money through this if you listen to me.
Me: Aww thank you Mr Eli I really need this you’re a life saver.


4th Scene:They made me tried cigarette, it was weird for the first time but later I loved it.
Stranger: You can try this piece, it can make you forget all your grievance.
Me: yumyum swwwwww cough cough cough this is really good though, can I try the other stuff
Stranger:Sure, feel at home.

Grace Antwi-Boasiako At Face of Louis

5th Scene: I became addicted and then using my school fees and feeding fees to buy drugs. Mama and Little sister didn’t understand why have been coming home lately while lectures has been going on. Anytime they asked me, I give an excuse that I’m not well.

6th Scene : One Sunny day, I brought all the drugs out; Cocaine, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and heroine. I thought I was safe at where I was taking all these dangerous drugs……I heard some siren I tried running running running but Not knowing I was standing. The police arrested me and gave me 30years of imprisonment. Oh God,is this really me!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!. Mama died when she heard I was imprisoned because of drug abuse. She once advised me is dangerous to abuse drugs. She said “stay away from drugs because it’s going ruin your life.”

Grace Antwi-Boasiako at Face Of Louis

7th Scene: Here I am in Jail..Who is going take care of my little sister, She has no hm hm hm oh God! I’m sorry little Sister. I should have taken good care of myself I’m sorry hmm I couldn’t be a responsible sister oh my God this is bad!!!!!!
Soo my sisters, please heed to advice so you won’t end up like me. I don’t even know if I’m going to die here or come back healthy.

Grace Antwi-Boasiako

She concluded by stating the effects and consequences of drug abuse and the need for the youth to stay away from it.


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