SRC Hall Complex had their first hall week celebration organised by SRC Vice President Hon. Benjamin Barnes

The SRC Hall Complex owned by Students’ Representative Council of Takoradi Technical University was commissioned in September, 2019. And as part of our mission to make sure students stay on campus becomes a memorable one The SRC Vice President Hon. Benjamin Barnes and the hall committee launched the SRC Complex Rave 2022 on the 27th May 2022 to 29th May 2022 with the aim of cultivating a culture full of responsibility and appreciation of diversity among residents and the SRC leadership.

The hall used three days to celebrate the program.

On the first day (Friday ) there was launching of the SRC Complex Rave 22 in the morning, ladies football match in the afternoon and movie night in the evening

Second day: aerobics in the morning and champions league Halloween jams in the evening

Third day: Thanksgiving service in the morning and sweet dinner night in the evening

Alua Philimon

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