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She sold Her Kidney to buy him iphone 14 Promax – Young Girl reveals.

“Babe, I Sold My Kidney To Buy You An iPhone 14 Pro Max” – Reply As A Boyfriend That’s Tired Of The Relationship.

You guys should chill before you come for me  it’s just for fun.

As it is now, I guess iPhone 14 pro max price is something around 1.8 million naira or so.

If a girl should sell her kidney to get any guy this iPhone 14 that means she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with the guy no cap, but in a situation whereby the guy is tired of the relationship, wetin go come happen?

I don’t want to say too much in this post guys, let’s be brief as possible.

Imagine a girl you are in a relationship with and you’re even tired of the relationship already sent you a package and it is an iPhone 14 pro max with a letter saying.

Check As Iphone 14 Has No Sim Tray

Babe, I Sold My Kidney To Get You This iPhone 14 Pro Max, I Love You

What will be your reply?

Let’s hear from you

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