Sadio Mané Is the Driving Force Behind Bayern’s Attack

When Robert Lewandowski left Bayern Munich for Barcelona in the summer, many questioned if the Bavarian giants would be the same offensive power in this season’s UEFA Champions League. The response has been unequivocal.

In this FedEx Performance Zone numbers dive, we look at how Sadio Mané and his teammates are filling the vacuum left by the German champions’ triumph on Matchday 5.




Mané, who now ranks ninth in the FedEx Performance Zone, is far from alone in terms of goal involvements. Leroy Sané has three goals (45 points, with an additional three points for scoring from long range) and one assist (nine points) in his previous three games, Leon Goretzka has two goals (30 points) and three assists (27 points), and Serge Gnabry has one goal (15 points) and three assists (27 points).


They’ve been free to wreak havoc, knowing that Joshua Kimmich is screening and commanding play from the center of the park. This season, the midfielder has a team-high 28 ball recoveries (28 points) and a passing accuracy of 90% three times (27 total points). The five are the highest-placed players in Bayern’s ranks thus far, demonstrating that, although superstars come and go, teamwork maintains them ahead of the competition.

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