Reason Why Kuami Eugene Is Leaving Lynx Entertainment To Join Empire

Regarding his intention or plans to depart his record label, Lynx Entertainment, Kuami Eugene has dropped a hint for his followers.

The “Angela” hitmaker dropped the suggestion in a tweet that he quickly deleted.

He claims that it is now appropriate for him to leave Lynx Entertainment.

He was making this choice as part of a larger plan to establish himself as a successful musician independent of a demanding record label.

Following his breakout in 2017, Kuami Eugene was quickly recruited by Richie Mensah to the Lynx Entertainment record label alongside KiDi.

The record label employee and singer Mzvee had to leave during that time. She provided a number of explanations for his behavior.

Will Kuami Eugene depart Lynx Entertainment next?

The writing on the wall seems to be very apparent.

Eugene Kuami has a habit of dropping hints. He has been uploading his music videos on his Youtube page in addition to his most recent position with Universal Music, where many believe he is going.

Kuami Eugene later reposted his most current “Take Away” music video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Lynx Entertainment.

Kuami Eugene’s scattered activities provide a cue or suggestion as to his imminent departure from Lynx Entertainment, which is in line with his stated aims.

What you must understand

Close sources claim that Kuami Eugene is unhappy with Richie Mensah due to contract provisions that prevent him from posting videos to his YouTube channel and earning money from them.

This agreement grants the record label the exclusive right to share videos, post tracks, and monitor all revenue generated by them.

Without the record label’s permission, the artist whose work is being shared is not permitted to directly or indirectly profit from it.

According to rumors, Kuami Eugene is dissatisfied with the cut of his earnings that the record label keeps. He has negotiated a reduction in the percentage of 50%.

The record label is not willing to bargain or even make a concession on these demands. Kuami Eugene is a talented producer, thus he wants to leave to either create his own record label or join a bigger, more successful one. Crossing fingers.

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