Pastor’s Wife Strips Näkëd During TikTok Live For Gift [Watch]

A trending video on social media which has left a lot of social media users jaw-dropped and others totally disappointed captures the moment the wife of a Kumasi-based pastor stripped naked during a Tiktkok live.

It’s believed that the viral video was made minutes after the sofo maame arrived from church last Sunday afternoon because she was still in the spirit.

In the early part of the clip, the sofo maame was joyfully dancing to the Christian song which was playing in the background.

But the devil later possessed her which made her remove her slit, showed her vajayjay and later went into full nakedness by removing her kaba in addition.

She turned around to show off her full nakedness notwithstanding the fact that a gospel song was playing in the background.

As hilariously commented by some netizens, the sofo maame has committed a double sin i.e going naked and playing a gospel song while committing such an abominable act.

Watch The Video Below:


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