Pakistan Sanctions Russia And Vowls Not To Pay Loan


Economic sanctions are the most potent weapon in the West’s armory of foreign policy tools. According to reports, numerous western countries, including the United States, have slapped harsh economic penalties on Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine. A new country, however, has joined the western countries in imposing economic sanctions against Russia. Pakistan is the new country.

Addressing a press conference on Russia Ukraine crisis, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan condemned Russia’s attempt of invading Ukraine and threatened imposing severe economic sanctions. Upon asking what all economic sanctions Pakistan will impose, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has over $1 billion debt which Pakistan won’t repay now.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking at a press conference on the Russia-Ukraine situation, criticized Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine and vowed to impose heavy economic penalties. When asked what economic penalties Pakistan will apply, Imran Khan stated that the country owes over $1 billion in debt that it will not be able to repay.

PM Imran Khan also said that in such tough times all the countries should come together to help Pakistanis in Ukraine and Pakistan.

Reportedly, Pakistan has applied for $2 B loan from world bank, $1 B to help Ukraine and $1 B for helping Pakistanis.

Credit: CNN

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