NewDayTV unveils Ransford Osei Asare as The New General Manager

In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Ransford Osei Asare has emerged as the newly appointed General Manager for NewdayTV. The staff and viewers of NewdayTV had been anticipating the announcement of their new General Manager, but the identity of Mr. Ransford Osei Asare remained a well-kept secret until the unveiling day. This unexpected revelation has generated excitement among both the staff and viewers.

Mr. Ransford Osei Asare brings a wealth of expertise in Media Management, PR, event organization, and training.

He is known for his extensive experience in hosting a diverse range of events, including those of a political, entertainment, and social nature.

Alua Philimon

I'm Alua Philemon a Student of the Takoradi Technical University I offer Information Technology, many people know me as the TTU BLOGGER or ALUABLOG

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