Man who dressed up as Batman villain sentenced for making terrorist threat

In Missouri, a convicted criminal accused of broadcasting threats to bomb and murder someone while dressing up as the Joker from Batman received a 60-day prison term with credit for time served following his arrest on Friday.

51-year-old University City resident Jeremy Garnier was given a sentence after entering a guilty plea to a terrorist threat misdemeanor offense. For the event in March 2020, prosecutors dropped the case from being a felony.


Garnier, who admitted to the misdemeanor in order to avoid spending many more months in prison, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he never meant to pose a threat.



In a telephone interview on Saturday, Garnier said, “I was talking like The Joker.” “I was playing the part. Everyone was aware that it was a jest and that I had no desire to carry out my threat.


In order to pay for his crack addiction, Garnier told the Post-Dispatch that he committed numerous offenses and robbed a credit union in the 1980s, serving more than 20 years in federal and state jail for those crimes. He said that now that he was clean, he wanted to utilize his position to spread knowledge of the opioid pandemic.


He claimed to have picked up yet another difficult lesson.



He said, “Think before you do.” Your acts have consequences. Regardless of how silly and lighthearted I thought it was, many took it seriously.

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