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“Make Me Scream Your Name in 6 Ways” – In Bed

There are very few things that can bring tears to a woman’s eyes and cause her to shout out your name when you give it to her, and the ability to do so is an art that has to be mastered. There are a few things that ALL women wish men did more of in bed, and the following items make up the top six on that list.

Providing her with an org asm before to the commencement of the intercourse
It has been said that the ability to give your wife an org asm even before entering her is the one thing that women want men did more of for them in bed than anything else. The vast majority of guys, on the other hand, don’t do this and instead awkwardly push through to the real se xual activity as quickly as they possibly can.


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This indicates that foreplay typically consists of a few minutes of the compulsory kissing, followed by a few minutes of the obligatory breast stimulation, followed by a few minutes of the obligatory “fingering,” and then the final act of genital penetration. Hey dude, this is something no lady would desire. If you are able to spend a little bit more time making sure that she hits that peak before you leap in with both feet, then she will be yours whenever you want her.




If you are able to give her an org asm before you penetrate her, then the sex you have with her is certain to be enjoyable in her eyes, even if it doesn’t continue as long as you’d want it to. On top of this, giving her an orgasm will make her more receptive, which will increase the likelihood that she will have another orgasm while you are having intimate relations with her.


Paying attention to erogenous zones on her body that aren’t immediately visible


Some men believe that the only parts of a woman’s body that are worthy of attention are the breasts, the clitoris, and the G-Spot; however, women don’t want you to pay attention to just these locations; rather, they want you to pay attention to their full body.



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Find them and make it a point to put in the effort to improve them, then sit back and watch your partner turn into a juicy piece of meat:


Tips: Examine the back of her neck, her ears, the curve inside her legs, her toes, the fingers, the navel, the valley between her breasts, her lips, and her forehead. Also, try smelling the valley between her breasts.


Lasting long in bed


Women don’t care if you don’t stay in bed for a particularly long time as long as you’re adept with your fingers. It is also OK for a guy to merely stay in bed for a few minutes, but not until you have provided her with the pre-se xual stimulation she requires.


However, women really despise it when males end a sexual encounter too quickly since it inhibits them from experiencing orgasms. If a lady were to get you near to an orgasm and then suddenly stop, turn over, and go to sleep, how would you feel about it?


You can only image how frustrated she must feel every time you splash as soon as you get inside her when you do it.

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You should be able to stay in bed for at least half an hour without getting up. Learn how to stay in bed for more than an hour if you want to really send ladies crazy. This is the key to a successful se xual life. And of course, you may have a quickie every once in a while, but in the majority of cases, women will require at least half an hour of interaction in order to have numerous orgasms.

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