Live snake stuck in woman’s ear in “bizarre” v!ral video

In this viral video, a so-called “surgeon” tries and fails to extract a live snake from a woman’s ear.

Considered a snake in your footwear to be a bad omen? The proverbial “flea in your ear” makes the 19th-century saying sound positively quaint.

Startling video purports to show the moment a “surgeon” tries to extract a live snake from a woman’s ear. The herpetological operation video has been seen over 125,000 times, with viewers debating whether or not to believe it is real surgery.

A Facebook video with the caption “The snake has gone in the ear” was uploaded by an Indian internet celebrity named Chandan Singh on September 1 to his 20,126 followers. The Economic Times reported on the terrible incident, but did not specify when or where it took place.

For almost four minutes, a purported doctor is seen trying to remove a black and yellow serpent from the ear of a female patient.



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