Legon Student Kills His 4 Month Old Baby

A police investigation has commenced into the alleged hiring of a fetish priest by a level 200 student of the University of Ghana to kill his 4-month-old autistic baby for a fee of GHS800.

According to, Police in Berekum-Koraso in the Bono Region have taken up the case and are leaving no stone unturned to unravel all the facts surrounding the incident.

It is reported that the student who is the father of the baby with special needs wanted to get rid of the boy, hence he hired the fetish priest to kill After receiving GHS800, the fetish priest travelled to Berekum on Monday, September 5, at around 7 p.m. to carry out the mission of suffocating the four-month-old autistic baby.

The baby’s father, who goes by the moniker of Dj Poli, is said to be a level 200 student at the University of Ghana.

The baby’s father is said to have surreptitiously buried the child in Nsapor cemetery on Monday night after the task was completed by the fetish priest recruited from Drobo-Yamiensa.

After hearing what had happened, some locals were incensed and proceeded to the Berekum Divisional Police headquarters to report the incident.

In an earlier report, a Kenyan teenage boy was arrested by police in the country’s Embu County after he allegedly killed his mother’s boyfriend who visited and attempted to spend the night at his father’s house.

45-year-old Peter Mwangi Njeru visited his lover, identified as 50-year-old Euphraith Wangare on the night of Sunday, September 3.

However, an argument erupted between him and his lover’s teenage son after he decided to spend the night at their residence. The young man argued that his mother’s lover was not his father, and so, would not be allowed to spend the night in his father’s house.
The argument escalated into a physical confrontation as Njeru insisted on sleeping over, according to a report by People Daily.

“The man refused to leave and a fight erupted. He was attacked with firewood that was next to the house,” the Embu County Police Command is quoted to have said.

It was reported that deep cuts were found on Njeru’s body when it was recovered from the woman’s compound.

One of Wangare’s sons has already been taken into custody. The incident is currently the subject of investigation.

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