Koforidua : Another Lady Killed By Boyfriend

A young lady believed to be in her 20’s has allegedly been killed by her boyfriend at Trom a suburb of New Juaben South Municipality in Eastern region.

The gruesome incident occured at Trom Junction -5 on Saturday June 17,2023 .

The deceased reportedly hailed from Koforidua -Betom but relocated to Trom about a year ago to hide from the suspect after he allegedly threatened her when she decided to to break up with him.

The co-tenants in the house where the incident took place said ,on the fateful day ,the victim met the suspect outside the house and brought him to her room when there was naming ceremony ongoing in the house.

The suspect allegedly attacked the victim in the room, pushed piece of cloth into her mouth before stabbing and cutting the throat.

He scaled over the wall, threw away the knife with blood stains before absconding.

The suspect however reported himself to the police later in the evening while wearing red shirt with inscription “Rest In Peace ” at the back.

Police investigators visited the crime scene and after inventories retrieved the body which was lying in pool of blood to the morgue.

Police brought the suspect to the crime scene Sunday afternoon to search for the knife used to commit the act but could not find it and conduct further investigations.

However,the scene became charged as the youth trooped there and threatened to lynch the suspect.

Police upon sensing danger whisk the suspect into a waiting taxi and fled the scene. Ansah

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