I Will Only Fight With My Manager When He Runs Out Of Marijuana – KING AYISOBA

King Ayisoba, the alternative musician from Ghana, claims he won’t argue with his manager till he runs out of marijuana.

The internationally recognized performer, who has appeared in a variety of significant venues around the world, claims that while his management is free to underpay him, he will not take it lightly if his marijuana supply runs out.

We cannot fight at work since I work with Panji. If he runs out of marijuana, then we’ll fight. If my boss is unable to provide me with marijuana, I will fight with him. “We will fight when his supply of marijuana runs out,” he said on Accra-based Onua FM. He is free to choose not to pay me or to take any other action against me.

A cheeky Ayisoba said, “How can you ask me whether I smoke when I’m stating that when he runs out of marijuana supplies, I will fight him?” when asked if he smokes.

Regarding his work, he stated that he no longer pursues money since he has allowed money to pursue him as a result of his significant investments in his craft and adherence to the standards he established for himself at the beginning of his career.


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