I Need Help I Have Two Genitals – I Need Help

A video of the hermaphrodite disclosing his situation in an interview with a Ghanaian popular disk jockey, DJ Pakorich has emerged online and has got many Ghanaians reacting.

According to him, his situation makes it difficult for him to secure a job because people see him as a weird human being. He added that he sometimes loses hope and becomes suicidal.

He expressed his desire to live a normal life just like any other man but his conditions cause him so much stigmatization that he sees himself as inferior.

Many Ghanaians on social media have been expressing their sympathy towards his situation, with some asking to be provided with a Mobile Money number to donate towards the poor man’s efforts to seek medical treatment.

The young man appears to have two separate conditions. According to research, the condition that caused him to have six fingers on each hand is called polydactyly. It is a widespread ailment that runs in families. The additional fingers are usually tiny and improperly grown. It is one of the most prevalent congenital hand abnormalities.

On the other hand, hermaphroditism is the condition of possessing both a penis and a vagina. Tissue from the ovaries and testicles is found in this extremely unusual disease. Parts of both the male and female genitalia may be present in the child.

There are numerous potential reasons, including congenital adrenal hyperplasia, male hormones that the mother may have consumed or encountered when she was pregnant, or male hormone-producing tumours in the mother.

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