Most of the single men do have a single goal in their minds when a hot colleague works with them. Falling in her eyes and grabbing her attention seems to be the only joy for them on the planet.

Use These Steps To Get A Hot Colleague Notice You:

• But most of the time, they tend to fail. Well, if you look like a silly man trying to impress a woman, things will never work. Firstly, stay relaxed. Good things will surely come when you wait.
• Also don’t join the rat race- other men in your office will also be trying to get her attention. Don’t join that crowd; she will look down upon you too. More Now, follow the below tips randomly when you get enough time. Always

Dress Well If you wish to be in the good books of that hot colleague, wear good clothes to office every single day. Also be punctual. Look and act like a professional.

Go Straight To Her And Ask For Her Help. Some people like it when others go to them for help or advice. This trick will work more with nerdy women. Also, nobody around will suspect your intentions when you innocently ask for help.

• Feed Her Ego Shower compliments. When she helps you solve an issue, praise her. Appreciate every small quality of hers. Give compliments to every single task she successfully completes in the office.

• Make Her Feel Special. Just think, what all can you do to give her a nice feeling? Do that. Whether it is giving her a gift, remembering her birthday or praising her achievements- do whatever it takes to give her the high.

• Never Look At Her Cleavage Even By Mistake- Respect Women Be a good boy. When you’re talking to her, try to control your temptations. If you ever get caught looking at her assets secretly, you will never be able to win her. So, keep such cheap temptations aside.

Be Eager To Help Her Whenever she needs help, be the first one to help. She will start seeing you as a good support system in office. Smell Good You might want to talk to her frequently in order to draw her attention. So, ensure that you smell good. Maintain fresh breath. When you are clean, your confidence levels increase.

• Maintain Eye Contact Whenever you talk to her, look into her eyes and speak. Don’t be intimidated; feel relaxed when you maintain eye contact. Stay Relaxed And Never Show Desperation While following the above steps, don’t show even a single ounce of desperation as that would spoil everything for you.
• If All The Above Actions Never Work, Try Your Luck Elsewhere! Why should you confine yourself to only one person in your block? There are other blocks, departments and sections in your office. Try your luck there instead of wasting time.

Alua Philimon

I'm Alua Philemon a Student of the Takoradi Technical University I offer Information Technology, many people know me as the TTU BLOGGER or ALUABLOG

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