Get To Know What Coke Zero Was All About

ECHO TTU was present at the relaunching of Coke zero and According to Arnaud N’Guessan, Franchise Marketing Director of Coca-Cola West Islands and Middle Africa, his company is poised to meet consumers’ health needs and preferences, hence the introduction of Coca-Cola zero sugar.

He stated that the introduction of this new product was consistent with the company’s comprehensive efforts to evolve its recipes and reduce the amount of sugar in its soft drinks.

This new addition, Coca-Cola zero sugar, gives customers the option of having no calories or sugar in their drinks. It is also available in smaller pack sizes.

Mr. Arnaud N’Guessan, speaking at the launch in Accra on Friday, said, “As we launch this new formulation, we are the first market in West Africa outside of Nigeria.”

It is an occasion for us to rejoice with you, our key stakeholders, at the start of a campaign that will invite everyone to discover the new and exciting Coca-Cola Zero Sugar that we have recently introduced to the Ghanaian market. Not only for this reason, but more importantly, our business’s success has been made possible by the ongoing support we receive from you and our customers.”

“Thanks to technological advancements, today’s consumer is more enlightened and aware.” This has also altered how businesses interact with and communicate with their customers. The launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is part of a broader strategy by the company to “evolve our recipes, help reduce sugar in its soft drink portfolio, and offer consumers a choice of low and no-sugar drinks, including smaller pack sizes,” he added.

Coca-Cola zero sugar has a clean design that highlights the iconic logo [hug logo] and a distinct sugar-free mention on the packaging.

The products are available in all retail outlets, including supermarkets, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and the store near you.

Speaking at the same event, the Managing Director for ECCC, West African Countries Business Unit, Felix Gomis said eliminating sugar from this recipe now makes it possible for persons who prefer a non-sugar option to now go all out to enjoy their delicious and refreshing original Coca-Cola taste.

Throwing more light on the product, he stated that in 2005, the Coca-Cola company introduced Coke Light as a non-sugar option to Coca-Cola Classic in Ghana, particularly for persons who wanted to enjoy their refreshing Coca-Cola beverage but without sugar.

Coca-Cola zero sugar was then introduced in 2017 as a non-sugar option and has now been reformulated by optimizing its flavors.

Coca-Cola company’s pursuit to make Coca-Cola zero sugar more delicious and refreshing informed its decision to embark on rigorous research to improve on its taste, thus bridging the taste gap between Coca-Cola Classic which contains sugar and the non-sugar variant, Coca-Cola zero sugar.

The Coca-Cola zero sugar, he highlighted was an improvement of the 2017 formula.

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