Even Organizers Requests $50K Despite 20K Refund

In a recent tweet, Salvador provided an exclusive update, revealing that the arrest was the result of a contractual misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding revolved around a cruise ship company that had planned to organise a music event on their cruise ship. According to Olele Salvador, the company had expressed interest in booking Black Sherif for the event. However, a disagreement arose between its organisers and the singer’s talent agency, leading to a formal complaint being filed with the Ghana Police Service.

He said the basis of the dispute stemmed from the contractual agreement, which lacked clarity on the requirement for promotional videos for a press launch. Initially, a deposit of $20,000 was made as part of the agreement. However, the company’s organisers demanded the videos and threatened to cancel the contract if they were not provided. In response to the escalating tensions, the singer’s agents decided to refund the initial deposit.

According to him, things took a turn for the worse when the complainant insisted on being reimbursed $50,000 instead of the original $20,000, further fueling the disputes and threats. As a result of the unresolved issues, Black Sherif found himself facing legal troubles upon his return from a successful European tour. The authorities at the airport halted him to assist in their investigation into the matter.

He noted that the issue appears to be primarily a disagreement between the cruise organisers and Black Sherif’s talent agency rather than any lack of commitment on the part of the artiste himself.

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