Hon.Alan Kyeremanteng, Hon. Akoto etc have resigned but some Ghanaians are surprised that the education minister hasn’t resigned. The education minister must resign because he is disappointing the ministry. The education system Plays a major role in the hardship of Ghana, and Ghanaians will forever remain poor till the education system of Ghana is brought to the appropriate dimensions.

The education system hardly gives hope to Ghanaians because the theory is much the practical. The graduate can only describe and explain how a particular action work but can’t do it practically, but no company in Ghana employ, theory without practice so most brilliant graduates end up joining the unemployed association after school.

Moreover, some engineers have never seen some machines before but know their name and their usefulness of it because the school is not having such machines for practicals including Technical schools. The education ministry headed by Hon. Osei Adutwum knows all these and is failing to repair the wounds of the ministry to help the youth but keeps on changing Syllabus which to some extent, it’s not necessarily the.

Finally, Ghanaians are calling on the education ministry and the government to take immediate action and stop flying their wards outside Ghana to study without testing the system in Ghana.


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