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The profit of many social media platforms is one important aspect they can’t do away with- especially as it supports them in raising income to keep their platform moving. MeWe App is one of those new social media sites taking advantage of the popularity of SNS to make some good income.

In today’s revenue briefings, we detail you on how MeWe social media platform makes its revenue.

What Is MeWe?

MeWe is a a global social media platform that is based in California, USA. The MeWe platform gained more popularity in Hong Kong around 2020 due to concerns of pro-China censorship of Facebook. The platform currently has over 20 million registered using ancestry and with over 90 000 public groups .

When Did MeWe Start?

The MeWe social media platform was founded on May 16,2022 ( as Sgrouples ) by Mark Weinstein and Jonathan Wolfe. MeWe describes itself as “anti-Facebook” due to its focus on privacy of date. The interface of the platform is quiet similar to that of Facebook but MeWe still overlook those reviews as it tends to distinct itself with more wonderful features.

MeWe emphasizes its commitment to privacy and remaining ad-free. MeWe has said they will never use cookies or spyware to generate content about users, and that it will not track user activity in any way or sell user data to a third party.

Who Are The Investors Of MeWe?

MeWe has over the years raised about $10 million and the investors behind the funding are:

Lynda Weinman, founder of

Fashion designer Rachel Roy

Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff ( authors )

Twitter Deal On Hold

How Does MeWe Generate Revenue?

MeWe business model does not rely on advertising revenue; rather, MeWe generates revenue from MeWe Premium subscriptions and from users purchasing premium enhancements a-la-carte such as a live voice / live video calling, extra storage, custom emojis, and custom themes. In December 2019, MeWe launched “MeWe Premium”, an optional $4.99 per month subscription that gives users a bundle of enhancements including: live voice / live video calling; unlimited custom themes; unlimited custom emojis and stickers; video journals for stories; 100GB of MeWe Cloud Storage; and more.

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