Chainsaw was Invented Because Of Child Birth

Why chainsaw was invented

Users of social media platforms have recently been pondering one of the most fundamental issues that can be asked in life: who invented the chainsaw and why?

The remedy, which has its origins in Scottish medicine, is not at all what you would anticipate being the solution.

The majority of the time, the chainsaws of today, the kind that we are accustomed to seeing, are used for cutting down trees. On the other hand, the deadly instrument did not start off being utilized in the same way that it is now.

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In fact, given that the chainsaw was created for a very morbid purpose, this is a huge comfort.

Two Scottish physicians are credited with inventing the chainsaw around 1780. However, the question of why such a hazardous device was ever created in the first place goes unanswered.

Everything you need to know is listed here.

What prompted the invention of the chainsaw?

It may surprise you to discover that the chainsaw was originally designed as a labor assist; nonetheless, you did read that correctly.

Prior to the advent of the caesarean section as a regular medical technique, every fetus had to pass through the birth canal.

Babies are more likely to become imprisoned if they are excessively large or if they are in a breech position, which is when they lie inside the womb with their feet first rather than the more common position of lying with their heads first.

When a baby was unable to pass through the birth canal or became caught in the pelvis in the 18th century, a technique known as a “symphysiotomy” was performed to remove sections of bone and cartilage to make way for it.

This difficult and unpleasant operation, which was performed without anaesthesia, was performed by hand with a small knife and saw to cut the bone away from the patient’s leg.

In the 18th century, two Scottish surgeons invented the chainsaw to make the surgery easier and more efficient.

You’ll be happy to find that it wasn’t like the concept of a current tree-chopper shown in horror films; rather, it was similar to a little kitchen knife with small teeth on a chain wound by a hand crank.

The tool did, in fact, simplify and shorten the procedure, and it remained in common use for the majority of the nineteenth century.


Who was the first to invent a chainsaw?

In truth, the terrifying-looking childbirthing equipment was invented by Scottish physicians John Aitken and James Jeffray.

Two Scottish surgeons are credited with inventing the chainsaw in the 1780s.

John Aitken worked as a surgeon at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary. He also toured universities to give talks and demonstrations on medical matters.

It is well known that he invented the chainsaw, which was one of several beneficial advances in the field of surgery.

Dr. Jeffray was a co-inventor with Dr. Aitken. Jeffray attended both Glasgow University and Edinburgh University and was well-known for his work dissecting the bodies of victims who had been hanged for murder.

Jeffray was a member of the faculty of Glasgow University since 1790, where he taught anatomy and botany. In 1800, he was appointed Vice Rector of the institution.

His burial can be found on the higher height of the Glasgow Necropolis’ northern slope.

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