C/R: Man Gets Washed Away While Defecating In The Sea

A man in his early twenties was swept away by the waves in Anomabo, Mfantseman Municipality, Central Region.

The unnamed man, who was in town for the event, was reportedly attacked while answering nature’s call on the beach.

A witness stated that he was warned about relieving himself in the water, but he ignored the warning.

The man stated that the sea wind made him feel comfortable while defecating.

He was washed out to sea by a series of powerful waves.

According to Nana Tawiah of Class News, the incident was confirmed by Nana Kwame Sankah, the best fisherman in the Anomabo Community. Sankah also revealed that this was not the first time something like this had happened in the area.

The fact that the deceased went to such far as to defecate on the boulders surprised him.

Mr. Sankah also called for an end to the practice of open defecation into the water.

He said that in order to retrieve the body, the community will perform rituals in the ocean to ask forgiveness from the dead.

Many fisherman have gone out to sea in search of the body, but thus far they’ve turned up nothing.

The Anomabo Police Department has been informed and will conduct their own investigation into the matter.

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