Broken Heart Hits TTU: As MC Wayome and Ohemah Wayome Breaks Up

Emmanuel Osei Kwame popularly known as MC Woyame and Vivian Boakyewaa popularly known as
Ohemah Wayome started thier relationship in level 100 second semester which both of them are currently in level 200 offering HND in Information Technology.

MC Woyome Chopping love with Ohemah Wayome

Per the look of things Emmanuel Osei Kwame (MC Wayome) has fallen into the bottomless love of Vivian Boakyewaa, and has also taken Vivian Boakyewaa as his serious girlfriend to the extent of getting her a promise ring and others.

Earlier this semester Emmanuel Osei Kwame (MC Wayome) found out that Vivian Boakyewaa (Ohemah Wayome) had been allegedly married for four years which Vivian had never alter a word about her marriage to her campus boyfriend.

Emmanuel Osei AKA MC wayome is said to have officially break up with Vivian Boakyewaa AKA Ohemah Wayome.

Alua Philimon

I'm Alua Philemon a Student of the Takoradi Technical University I offer Information Technology, many people know me as the TTU BLOGGER or ALUABLOG

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