Breaking News As An Influencer Get’s Strip Nak*d For Cheating

Seyi Vodi, a socialite and fashion designer located in Abuja, was allegedly having an affair with an influencer named Moesha, and the two were photographed naked together.

It was stated that, the woman walked in on her husband and the mistress as they were spending time in her husband’s office. It was stated that Vodi ran away from the scene as soon as his wife arrived.

Moesha, who is known for her influence in the fashion industry, was humiliated and stripped naked by Vodi’s wife along with the assistance of a few other women.

“Wife of popular Abuja-based tailor and socialite, Adekunle Seyi Vodi, recently walked in on him and his side chic, Moesha, inside his office,” said the source who posted a video of the confrontation. “Wife of popular Abuja-based tailor and socialite, Adekunle Seyi Vodi.”

It would appear that they have been dating for a number of years; his wife is aware of this, and she has cautioned Moesha to keep her distance from her husband.

She also recently learned that Vodi was the one financing his mistress’ lavish lifestyle, which included purchasing a Benz for her and launching a fashion house in her name. This information was recently revealed to her.

A short while ago, a small bird overheard the wife’s conversation with her husband and told her that Moesha had recently paid another visit to his office. As a result, she hurried down. Vodi, on the other hand, sped off without delay, leaving Moesha in his wake.

Because of the adult content of the video, CorrectNG is unable to publish it on its website; nevertheless, Instablog9ja did post the clip on the telegram page that it maintains.

In related news, a video that has been going around social media reveals the moment when a married woman approached the woman who she believed to be her husband’s lover.

The wife and side chic took the same taxi in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, without immediately recognizing that they are somehow connected.

During the trip, the elderly woman came to the realization that she and the woman with whom her husband had been having an affair were traveling together in the same vehicle.

She said that she had once met the young lady in their home not knowing that she was having an affair with her partner.

The wife claims that the lady came to their home and introduced herself as a friend of her husband. However, the wife later found out that the lady had been dating her husband after discovering that the friend had been seeing him.

In addition, she mentioned how, on certain days, her husband would be nowhere to be seen, and she would call his phone without receiving a response.

However, she stated that she will not fight the lady and that rather than fighting, she will pray that God will judge her for attempting to ruin her marriage.

Legon Final Year Student Le*k

During the entire time that the old lady was speaking, the woman who was thought to be the side chick remained silent and did not utter a single word.

The other people in the car were compelled to inquire as to whether or not there had been a case of mistaken identity, but the woman insisted that she was speaking to the correct individual.

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