Breaking : Lion Kills A Man In Accra

A lion at the Accra Zoo, which is located within the Achimota Forest, is responsible for the death of a man in his middle years.

It is stated that the man broke into the lions’ cage, and as a result, he was attacked and hurt by one of the lions.

After receiving injuries, it has been determined that the individual did not survive.

The authorities at the zoo are clueless regarding the reasons why the individual acted the way he did.

“Around 12:00 hours today, 28th August 2022, personnel of the Accra Zoo on a normal patrol, spotted a middle-aged guy (an intruder) had scaled the security fences and entered the lions’ enclosure of the Zoo,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission, John Allotey, in a statement. It has not yet been revealed what the intruder’s motivation was. Within the confines of the inner fencing of the enclosure, one of the lions launched an assault on the invader and hurt him.

It has been established that the intruder succumbed to the injuries he or she incurred, and the body has been transported to the morgue.

He observed that each of the lions is in healthy physical condition.

“Forestry Commission wishes to assure the general public that no lion has escaped from the Accra Zoo,” he added. “Forestry Commission wishes to reassure the general public that no lion has escaped.”

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