The most anticipated and popular annual event on TTU campus, the “AHAGHACEM BLIND DATE NIGHT” comes off this year in the month of love. It’s been a decade since the introduction of the program on TTU campus. Formerly, the event forms part of the hall week celebration program outline in the 2nd semester of every academic year for the two halls.

The program has always been a socialization-intended program to most especially pave way for students from Single Sex Senior High Schools to get the chance to mingle with students of the opposite sex.

Nonetheless, the event has so far produced some number of healthy marriages. To mention but a few the popular marriage between two presidents from these halls in the year…. This year is no exception, as the program comes off in the month of love on the 12th February 2022 at GHACEM HALL forecourt. Entry for this year comes at rate of GHC 5 for singles and GHC 10 for couples.

Alua Philimon

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