Black Sheriff Knows The Cause Of My Daughters Death – Clementina’s Father

According to the people’s who was there before the sources, he made his choice in opposition to the nation’s current economic distress.

The man was shown fast climbing the high-tension pole as onlookers repeatedly begged him to come down in a viral video that GhanaWeb saw.
The Ghana Police Service’s car was also visible in the video, giving the appearance that officers were on the site to assist in removing the man off the pole before he put his life in further risk.

The footage was posted on Twitter by journalist Kwaku Asante, who said that the man climbed the pole because he was tired of life.

“A man has reportedly climbed the high tension poles in Kasoa and is refusing to come down despite the presence of police, according to eyewitnesses. Asante tweeted, “He claims to be sick of life and the economy.



A Nigerian-accented bystander who was running commentary on the video claimed that a Ghanaian man had scaled the pole as a result of the country’s problems.

“The cops are on the scene to save this Ghanaian man who claims to be sick of living. He ought to be allowed to advance,” the man stated in Pidgin English.

The Ghana Police Service has not yet made a statement regarding the incident.

Watch video below:

Man climbs high-tension And Commits Suicide over hardship in Ghana (Video)

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