Biography of Tafari Prince Parker

Tafari Prince Parker also known as Maxx Parka, an upcoming Dancehall artist, born October 13,2000 and raised within the vicinity of Cheesefield St.Catherine.

Maxx Parka is one of Jamaica’s most profound Dancehall artist who developed an enthusiasm for music based on his musical background.

He has now begun to expand his musical Journey with a famous record label Kings Management. Maxx Parka has since then released numerous singles, but one for which that stands out for his fans was “Western Union”, his songs can be found on all streaming platforms. Maxx Parka has alot more in-store for the Jamaica’s music industry, whilst having an eye for the international market.

Maxx Parka will continue to excel in is musical journey, whilst motivating individuals from all walks of life with his music.

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