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Godlove Evans Ankomah popularly known as Gentletheblogger has etched an enviable niche around himself in the world of blogging in Ghana. Currently, his blogs have become a household that is synonymous with blogging. He has huge numbers of followers because of his influential feature. He has been able to train young men and women who had interest in blogging to become the best among others. Godlove was born at Abura-Dunkwa in the Central Region on 19th April,1999. He had his basic education at Christian Ambassador International School and his secondary education at Tweneboah Kodua SHS all at Kumawu -Ashanti Region. He is at  the University of Cape Coast reading Economics and Geography.

He has been the boss of his own since childhood because of his dreams of becoming an independent man, even though he had parents who were willing to take care of him as well. He has managed to amass a huge following to himself and is always feeding them with latest entertainment news and most trending issues across the world. Gentletheblogger has christened himself as “Ghana’s live update king” and rightly so, there is no show or event in Ghana with him in attendance that he does not update his followers. Gentletheblogger manages his blogging business on a number of social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, audio Mac etc.




He is recognized as one of Ghana’s best blogger, Gentletheblogger is seen as the godfather of blogging in Ghana. Many upcoming bloggers and even college bloggers look up to him as a role model and because of his entrepreneurship skills as a businessman, he is always on works on campus.




As part of his influence, he doesn’t use social media as fun as others use, but rather used his social media platforms for businesses purposes as he gets a lot of reach for his clients who advertise on his platforms.

He is currently the PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER FOR GHANA YOUTH BLOGGERS. As part of his investment, he has a music record label managing 3 musicians to promote their talents.His brand’s name  GTB PROMOTIONS, GENTLE IMAGES, GTB FOUNDATION, GTB MUSIC, GTB SHOW.He has been given a lot of prestigious awards by many organization because of his good works in the country. One of the students whom he trained is now one of the vibrant Media personality in terms of radio and television at Awake TV and TV Africa and gradually following the footsteps of his teacher, Gentletheblogger.




His earns about GH₵3,000 a day with YouTube, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, serving as Brand Ambassadors of Companies and among others serving as his source of income.

Sir Godlove  Evans Ankomah is our own colleague who has found his passion and is making a lot of money from it. We took time to engage him in a one on one conversation and this is what ensued between us.

Student: Good day Sir, I’m Emmanuella Owusu,a student of the University of Cape Coast. I’m representing a group of 10 members. Could you spare us a few minutes of your time to answer some questions in your entrepreneurship enterprise.?




Gentle: Ah,Mella paa, alright sure.

Student: How did this whole gentle the blogger thing get started?

What motivated you?

Gentle: Started from Jhs 2 by dealing in Phones and others. I was motivated by the popular saying “”A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Student: wow

Student: How did you come up with the name you’re running with?

Student: How did you get funding for your venture when you started for the first time?

Gentle: To attract customers all the time, I chose the Brand Gentletheblogger so as to sound like advertising my brand all the time to people I meet..

Gentle: Learning how to do certain things ;like promoting people’s brand, I spent $800 for a course

Student: wow

Student: the 800 dollars?

Student: from your parents?

Gentle: lol oh no raised this money by myself because I was already into some small small business which was fetching me something..

Student: wow

Student: How do you market your venture?

Gentle: There has never been a day of me getting discouraged from anything I’m doing . I’m mostly online. I use social media most often.With calmness and how I treat people, I always get referrals that I don’t even think of ..To say everything grew naturally without me knowing

Student: wow

Student: Sir, we know you’re a student, how has being a student entrepreneur affected your academics?

Gentle: lol the question I get everyday..

Gentle: The most surprising thing

Gentle: Since Jhs, I had always chosen work over academics but never did I attain 4th position in class till now. I love money and by the grace of God I have brains I know how to balance them. There’s time for everything.

Student: awesome so it’s Balance

Student: Sir, what business related books do you read?

Which is your favorite?

Gentle: when I got to shs 2,I became the Ashanti Regional SRC ZONAL SECRETARY which exposed me to a lot of students in Ashanti Region




Student: nice

Gentle: Mistakes we make Before leaving school by Marcus

Student: wow

Student: Sir, describe how a typical business day is like for you

Gentle: Lol

Gentle: I’m not easily discouraged when I get something profitable or not. Because I believe that everything is a matter of time. Stress? I do get stressed out, but this stress pays good. I love what I do. A typical business day is stress smelling money and happiness.

Student: mmhn

[Gentle: Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

Student: Inspiring. Sir, how many hours do you work in a day?

Gentle: Morning,Afternoon,evening and dawn. The work I chose requires even much attention as I’m into multiple businesses. I need to be too close to machines so I attend to customers all the time. I’m working all the time, sometimes even Ian class. Lol. I try my God at to rest when I get the chance too. I can’t come and kill myself.

Student: wow

Student: Do you believe there’s some pattern to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Gentle: I don’t actually brag of things but I see myself being Great  any moment from now. I’m a proactive thinker when it comes to business.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry David Thoreau. So Yes,you have follow some a certain routine to achieve your goal Chase success with passion have a vison. When you fail try again, try until there’s no room to try. And the surprising thing is, there’s always room. Don’t try just one thing though be good at all and expertise in one. I do a lot of things, but blogging stands out.

Student: Interesting. I’m dumbfounded. You’ve been doing all these and studying.

Gentle: Yeah,it has not been easy. Clashes with friends and all. Some can’t draw the line between business and friendship. They don’t want discount mpo oo,some want it for free.. free?. We don’t run businesses on liabilities. I travel almost every weekend and still manage to come to class and do all the necessary things.Mella me I don’t joke with my time at all.

Student: Mmmmmhn,I’m learning. I’m sure the class don’t know these about you.

Gentle: Of course they don’t. I’m a social media person but I have a personal life. I don’t put it all out there you barb?.Ahaa..all that matters to me is keeping the brand and maintaining small close circle of friends.




Student: You make it sound so effortless. Has it always been smooth?.

Gentle:Smooth s3 s3n..?. It’s like a see saw. I’m just an optimistic person,I don’t get drowned in the pit falls. I know the bars will definitely rise again.So yes some investments fail, some deals go wrong , psychological issues and a whole lot. But I keep moving, it’s about risk oo..and I’m in for it. Bedsides when the bars are high it pays well.

Student: What advice will you give to your colleagues

Gentle: See, it’s a great honor that my own peers have chosen to me for something like this. Find your passion. Be determined to make something worthwhile out of it. Read books, seek advice from mentors, people who know what. Remember, it takes time. Don’t leave school with just a certificate. Try to identify opportunities and seize them. Buckle up,it will be a tough ride, those who chase success find it. You’ll fill fulfilled and satisfied if it’s true success. Above it all, don’t forget God he’s like my fuel, he keeps me going.

Student: Thank you so much for your time. I’ll come personally for tutoring.

Gentle:Hihihi  sure.

Thank you also for Choosing me,I don’t take it lightly at all. I didn’t see it coming at all. It boosts my energy, people are indeed watching me.

Student: It’s a pleasure.


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