Auntie Dedei The Wan Behind The 50 Ghana pesewas Coin

Auntie Dedei, also known as Naa Dei, was a prominent figure in Ghana’s history. Her contributions as a successful businesswoman, political activist, and feminist made her an influential and respected individual during her time.

Born and raised in Ghana, Auntie Dedei embarked on a journey that would shape her future. After completing her primary education, she ventured into the flour business, which proved to be a turning point in her life. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit led her to great success, earning her the nickname “Ashikishan,” meaning flour in Ga.

Auntie Dedei’s influence extended beyond her business ventures. She became a chief financier of the CPP party and played a vital role in supporting and campaigning for Kwame Nkrumah, the leader of the CPP and a key figure in Ghana’s struggle for independence. Her financial contributions and active involvement in CPP women activities at her house in Kokomlemle, Accra, showcased her commitment to the party’s cause.

Unfortunately, Auntie Dedei’s closeness to Nkrumah and her involvement in politics made her a target of rival political parties. Tragically, she met an untimely end at a CPP function in Ho. It was alleged that she was poisoned after consuming hot tea, following complaints of stomach ache. Her sudden and mysterious death left a void in the hearts of many who admired her.

Auntie Dedei’s remarkable contributions did not go unnoticed. The double-decker buses brought to Accra by Harry Sawyer were named after her, paying tribute to her legacy. In addition, her image graced a national stamp and even appeared on Ghana’s 50 pesewa coin, symbolizing the lasting impact she had on the nation.

Auntie Dedei’s story is one of resilience, success, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of Ghana. Her entrepreneurial spirit, political activism, and philanthropy continue to inspire generations. She will forever be remembered as a trailblazer and a symbol of Ghana’s fight for independence and progress.

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