Apple Event 2023: iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Ultra 2 and everything announced

Apple has officially unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, during the Wonderlust Apple 2023 event. The iPhone 15 lineup took center stage, showcasing its striking aesthetics, impressive features, innovative design, as well as a host of new upgrades and additions. In addition, Apple introduced this year’s most eagerly awaited smartwatches.

Here is everything that Apple announced at its Wonderlust event.

Apple Watch series 9 

The latest Apple Watch is equipped with the most advanced S9 chipset, providing impressive power. Apple has introduced a new Siri+health feature that allows users to engage with the voice assistant for reminders. Users can easily inquire, “Siri, what’s my heart rate?” and receive instant data. The Apple Watch Series 9 boasts a display brightness of up to 2000 nits, doubling that of the Series 8, enhancing readability in bright sunlight. It maintains an all-day battery life of 18 hours.

Moreover, the tech giant has also unveiled a novel double-tap Gesture feature that simplifies actions like answering and ending calls, controlling music playback, scrolling through widgets, and more. This intuitive feature can be activated with just your thumb and index fingers, eliminating the need for physical interaction with the watch. Additionally, the watch is fueled by the latest WatchOS 10, promising a range of new enhancements and functionalities for the Apple Watch.

Furthermore, Apple revealed that the watch will be accessible to users starting next month, offering enhanced speed and performance compared to the Apple Watch Series 8. The pricing for the GPS version of the Watch Series 9 is set at $399, while the GPS+cellular variant is priced at $499.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 

Apple has unveiled the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra, featuring the new S9 chip and WatchOS 10. This iteration also incorporates a cutting-edge 4-core Neural Engine, capable of handling machine learning tasks at double the speed of the original Apple Watch Ultra. 

Notably, it boasts the largest display ever seen on an Apple Watch and reaches an impressive peak brightness of 3000 nits, marking a 50 percent increase compared to the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra. Additionally, a new modular ultra watch face has been introduced, enhancing customization options. Furthermore, users can conveniently utilize on-device Siri to access and log their health data.

The Apple Premium Watch offers a wide array of features and comprehensive health tracking capabilities. Similar to the Apple Watch Series 9, it incorporates the innovative double-tap gesture feature. With regular use, it provides a substantial 36-hour battery life, which extends to up to 72 hours in Low Power Mode, and it supports Bluetooth connectivity. The starting price for the Apple Watch Ultra is set at $799.


Apple iPhone 15

Apple has officially launched the iPhone 15, featuring some noteworthy updates. One standout addition to the standard iPhone 15 models is Dynamic Island technology, which replaces the traditional notch found on the iPhone 14 Pro models. This innovation offers users a more intuitive way to interact with their iPhones. 

Although the display size remains consistent at 6.1 inches, Apple has significantly boosted the brightness to an impressive 2000 nits, doubling the previous generation’s capability. The standard iPhone 15 also boasts an enhanced camera system, featuring a 48MP primary camera with a quad-pixel sensor and 100 percent Focus Pixels for rapid autofocus. It employs a 24MP super-high-resolution default setting, ensuring detailed and sharp images while maintaining efficiency in image size. 

Additionally, users of the iPhone 15 can utilize the 2x Telephoto lens to capture photos at 0.5x, 1x, and 2x zoom levels. The device introduces a new Smart HDR system and a feature that automates Portrait photo capture without the need for manual mode switching.

The iPhone 15 is equipped with the A16 Bionic SoC, featuring two high-performance cores that boast a 20 percent reduction in power consumption, alongside a 6-core CPU for enhanced performance. Apple’s impressive 16-core Neural Engine is capable of handling nearly 17 trillion operations per second.

A significant change this year is the adoption of USB Type-C technology, marking a departure from Apple’s proprietary lightning connector. This shift embraces the universally accepted standard for charging and data transfer. The iPhone 15 also offers support for MagSafe and future Qi2 wireless charging technologies.

The iPhone 15 is priced at Rs. 79,900 in India and $799 in the US, offering a choice of three storage capacities: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It is available in five appealing color options, including Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black. Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 will commence on Friday, September 15 at 5 a.m. PDT, with the official sale starting on September 22.

iPhone 15 Plus

The iPhone 15 Plus features the remarkable Dynamic Island, initially introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro, delivering an enhanced and dynamic user interface. Alongside its boosted performance, the iPhone 15 Plus introduces a vibrant color palette to enrich your experience.

The iPhone 15 Plus retains its 6.7-inch display size, but Apple has elevated the bar by increasing the maximum brightness to an impressive 2000 nits. 

In terms of camera specifications, the rear camera now features a 48-megapixel main sensor. This sensor supports 1x and 2x optical zoom modes, as well as the familiar 0.5x ultra-wide lens. Apple has also improved the Portrait mode, enhancing its low-light performance. 

Moreover, the iPhone 15 Plus is driven by the A16 Bionic chip, which has been previously showcased in the iPhone 14 Pro models. This impressive system-on-a-chip houses a six-core CPU and a 5-core GPU, guaranteeing swift and efficient performance for a wide range of tasks.

The iPhone 15 Plus retains the same battery life as its predecessor, the iPhone 14, but benefits from a larger internal battery, providing extended power longevity. The introduction of a USB-C port, replacing the Lightning connector, enhances both wired charging and connectivity, making charging more convenient. 

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models feature a titanium chassis that is not only lighter but also more durable, with a brushed effect that minimizes fingerprint smudges. Additionally, a USB-C port is now located at the bottom for enhanced connectivity.

Apple has maintained the 6.7-inch OLED screen from the previous Pro Max model and a 6.1-inch screen for the Pro version. Both Pro models come with Super Retina XDR displays that incorporate ProMotion technology. They support the always-on display feature and the recently introduced StandBy mode in iOS 17, delivering a dynamic and power-efficient visual experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are both powered by the A17 Pro chip, a powerhouse that Apple asserts offers unparalleled performance within the smartphone landscape, potentially reaching the levels of high-end PCs. With a redesigned GPU at its core, Apple envisions these devices as revolutionary, capable of taking the mobile gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

In terms of photography, the iPhone 15 Pro models incorporate a 48-megapixel camera, improving low-light performance and minimizing lens flare in photos. Users can seamlessly switch between focal lengths (24mm, 28mm, 35mm) and attain 5x optical zoom capabilities, extending up to 120mm. These models also offer support for 4K60 ProRes video recording and direct connectivity to external drives through the USB-C port.

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