Anastasia Amaki Aninkon’s Manifesto

Anastasia Amaki Aninkon’s Manifesto is a business student and SRC Women’s commisionor asparant whenin the week her manifesto was read to the general students on Radio premier at the SRC complex on air, and in her manifesto she said.
“Simon Sinek once said “leadership is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those who are in your charge”.
The Chair, honourable members of our noble administration, esteemed members of the SRC, my fellow aspirants, colleague students, I greet you all. I am Anastasia Amaki Aninkon a B-tech level 200 procurement, logistics and supply chain management student aspiring for the position of SRC women’s commissioner, pleading for an opportunity to serve my colleague students.
I have served as the PRO of the debate society of Takoradi Technical University and also been the PASSAG women’s commissioner for the year 2022/2023 and it was great serving one of the branches of this institution.
Below are some of the policies I would like to bring on-board when given the opportunity to serve.
The Chair, first of all I would like to introduce an entrepreneurship and exhibition fun fair. As a technical University I find it really fascinating and delightful to see the varieties of talents we have enrolled in this great institute. The idea of this policy is to give students the opportunity to showcase the many models and initiatives they can build. The way this will be done is companies all around the country who are into these specific areas studied in our noble institute will be invited to come around to witness the models students of Takoradi Technical University can come up with. This initiative could be for both genders but as the portfolio I’m vying for has it, it will be mainly centred on women on campus. The impact I’m trying to make with this policy is to bring women out of their shelters such that they will be put into the limelight in other to showcase their talents. If this initiative is brought on board it will first of all patronise the institution as well as patronise it’s inhabitants.
Secondly, when given the opportunity to serve, I would like to introduce a sporting activity known as the Women’s league. The idea of this initiative is to strengthen the team of the sports women on campus. It is also to help scout for sports women who are on campus but haven’t been identified yet. This initiative will be undertaken in collaboration with the sports directorate whereby when new students are admitted, the league will be organised to scout for female sports women. What this initiative seeks to do is to encourage more technical University women in sports. Another initiative under sports I would like to introduce is the “Sleep Over” cup. This is a debate cup which would be organised specifically for women interested in debate. Just like the women’s league this initiative will be done in collaboration with the Ttu debate society to scout for debate women. This will give the debate society a chance to grow and give Takoradi Technical University a chance to be involved in the debate journey and found on the debate map.
Third, when given the opportunity to serve, I would like to introduce an interactive seminar known as the WOCOM’s connect. This initiative is to strengthen the bond between all females from the halls way up to the SRC. This initiative would be undertaken every month of in a semester, whereby all women commissioners of every structure of the university would meet to discuss issues concerning females on campus from their various departments. We also come up with long term solutions to curb these issues if negative, if positive we find ways to encourage them also. What this will do is to ensure cooperation and effectiveness within the offices of all the women commissioners on campus.
Fourth, when given the opportunity to serve, I would organise seminars, symposiums and lectures to educate women on women empowerment, whereby prominent women in society would be invited to give such talks. Sex education seminars would also be organised for both men and women to prevent some uncomfortable situations. The idea of this is to foster a sense of protection and awareness for both genders.
Lastly, when given the opportunity to serve, I would ensure that deserving female students gain scholarships when given slots, I would ensure that programs that have always been organised by every WOCOM’S administration such as the Miss Akwaaba and Miss Ttu would be organised duly.
The Chair, honourable members of our noble institution, esteemed members of the SRC, my fellow aspirants, colleague students thank you very much for lending me your ears for these few precious minutes. I hope to gain your support and vote to build a better student relationship. The name remains Anastasia Amaki Aninkon aspiring for the office of the SRC women’s commissioner. Let’s test the new era.”
Thank you.


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