Actor Kohwe reported dead


The actor’s daughter, Comfort Laing, confirmed the sad news to ghanaweekend.com. According to Comfort, her father died on the evening of Thursday, September 16, 2021, in his home in Accra.


According to accounts, Kohwe, who suffered a stroke, is about 75 years old. Photos of the terrible situation of a veteran Ghanaian actor went viral a few days ago. The images show a sick Kohwe sitting on the laps of a young man who has not been recognized.

The comedic actor, well known for his part in the Ghanaian colonial concept sitcom “District Colonial Court,” has inspired a new generation of humorous performers.

People should not wait for him to die before paying respect to him, he said The Spectator in 2019. “Don’t wait till I’m dead to pay shining homage to me for my incredible contribution; your tribute will be useless since it won’t bring me back to life,” he added.

He then encouraged the country’s authorities and the general people to be concerned about the situation of elderly performers who, through their talent, offered amusement and relieved tension in many households.

According to him, the good they accomplished can’t be measured because of the beneficial effects it had on many people’s lives and the country as a whole. He said that several of his coworkers died as paupers due to a lack of resources.


For him, the movie industry was not financially lucrative in their day, and those in charge of affairs had to be concerned about their predicament as they grew older.

“I cannot even brag of a vehicle tyre despite my years of employment with the Foreign Affairs Ministry as well as the film industry,” Kohwe said on Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’ broadcast in 2019.

In the video below, he goes on to say that he got into acting because he was passionate about it, not because of the money.

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