Enyonam Grace Goka For SRC President
Emmanuel Kwasi Katambo for src vice


Mr. Chairman, The Electoral Commission, Fellow students, Cherished listeners, all protocols duly observed, ladies and gentlemen.

I am Grace Enyonam Goka, a level 100 B.Tech top-up Marketing and Strategy student. I am determined to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that students want to see. I want students of Takoradi Technical University to feel I’m a person who they can trust; I will put my efforts into making university life for our students the most fruitful, fun and fulfilling experience I can.

I am an individual who is really passionate about promoting leadership among young people, developmental issues and also the need to serve the community in which I belong. I have interest in advocacy and love to speak up for people.

I realized it was very difficult for females to go for such positions, so I wanted to make a difference and also create a path for females to be like me and even sail higher. My definition of feminism is giving equal rights to females as well.

Personally, I have a thing for being the person behind the mix. I love being the one blazing it. It feels good to solve problems and make an impact. It gives me a platform to become a better person and equally bring out the best in others.

I already have a wealth of experience of working for the union, and I have your interests at heart. With your voices behind me, I can use the knowledge I have gained of the workings of the SRC to best represent and implement your ideas. So, if you like what I hope to achieve, I would be most appreciative of your support.







Mr. Chairman, I have a “Gold Mine” of ideas that, if elected, I will endeavor to achieve. I have condensed these ideas into six succinct areas:


  • Academics
  • SRC Rebranding
  • HR Development
  • Welfare(Health, Security and Sanitation)
  • Shuttling/Transport
  • Sports & Entertainment



  1. Advocate for students representative on the Academic board.

The activities of the academic board such as the academic calendar and all other academic issues has a direct effect on the students of this noble institution, so why can’t students have an influence or a say in the activities of the board?

This is the reason why we have decided to advocate for students’ representation on the academic board to properly address student-academic related issues. Yes, the university statutes says otherwise, nonetheless, the statute is subject to amendments.


  1. 15% tuition waver for alumni and level 300 students who wish to pursue a B.Tech top up program.
  2. Start an E-Library project at the BU campus.

Liaise with school management and external bodies to start an E-library project which will enhance academic research by students and lecturers at the BU campus.

  1. Advocate for the implementation of 70% online program for B.Tech top up across all programs of study.

Due to the different geographical deployment of graduates by NSS, HND graduates who wish to read the B.Tech top up program find it very difficult to do so. This comes as a result of the cost of transportation and the stress one has to go through over a weekend for lectures and return to your destination on Sunday evening and report to work on Monday morning, just imagine! G

  1. Scholarship (partial) for needy but brilliant students.

To continue with the annual SRC scholarship to support brilliant but needy students and seek for sponsorship or financial support from institutions to enable us widen the number of students who will benefit from the scholarship and also increase the amount.

  1. Review and renew data sim contract for increments in bandwidth and double package for deaf and dumb students.

We would review and renew the data sim to increase the bandwidth for all students and most importantly double the package for all deaf and dumb students who mostly, in terms of mobile phone communication, use the video call.


  1. Liaise with the various JCR and faculty executives to improve on the Wi-Fi connectivity on campus.

Improving on the poor Wi-Fi connectivity on campus, we’ll liaise with the various JCRs and Faculty executives to work on the existing routers and its subscription for fast and easy connection. Also, with regards to lecture theatres without Wi-Fi installation at all, we’d see to the installation of new ones.



  1. Advocate for support or sponsorship for students who have qualified for international exchange programs in consultation with IPELO department of the school.

During my engagement with some students, it came to my notice that few students who qualified for international exchange program outside the country were faced by very challenging issues. Out of this few, one particular person whose issue is known to me faced a lot of challenges. He had to finance entirely every single amount required to make his journey outside the country a success. Nonetheless, after excelling outside the country, he returned to Ghana and back to TTU only to be told he can’t join the final year students. He has to return to HND second year.

Now, we would advocate for sponsorship, if nothing at all a little support for whoever qualifies, to make exchange program an interesting program that students would work so hard for. This programs help put the name of TTU on the international level.


  1. Partner key industries and internal stakeholders to place students on industrial attachment.
  2. Organize career fairs, seminars, conferences, etc. with key industry players to get students well informed about the job market and prepare accordingly.



  1. Review and implement SRCs five (5) year strategic plan.
  2. See to the review and approval of the SRC constitution.
  3. Renovation and protection of SRC assets.

SRC assets such as radio premier, SRC complex, all the cafeterias and the awaiting buses are income driven. The cafeterias would be renovated in collaboration with the development office to meet modern standard.

  1. Establish a council of past TTU-SRC executives who would act in advisory capacity to current executives and assist in raising funds.

TTU SRC, over the years has had several executives who achieved a lot for the SRC within their own means. It’s about time we put them under one umbrella to direct and nurture current and future SRC executives on managing the affairs of the SRC. Also, since most have found themselves in various successful career paths, we believe they would be able to assist us in raising funds for SRC projects, Ex executives would come together to undertake a project for the SRC. These are able men and women, the SRC as a council shouldn’t let them go just like that, and they need to be tapped into.



  1. Assist students to get their insurance cover benefits when the need be.

A greater percentage of students in the university are not aware they have been insured and that when unforeseen circumstances occur, they are entitled to some benefits. We would invite the insurance company to come and educate students on what they are covered on and the benefits they are entitled to. The office of the welfare committee will be in charge of receiving information on insurance issues and report to the dean of students’ office for processing.

  1. Provide speed dial for school clinic and ambulance to aid rapid delivery of health services.
  2. Replace damage bins and provide new ones at vantage points. Segregated bins.
  3. Provision of poly tanks for water storage to mitigate the impact of water crisis on campus.
  4. Construct new summer huts for relaxation and academic purposes.
  5. Provision of lovers benches at vantage points.
  6. Liaise with management and rent control to register and ensure that conducive rooms are provided for students at the various private hostels. The registered would be made available on the university’s admission portal for selection. Starting from this point, I know, in the near future, poor hostel facilities around campus will be out of the system.
  7. Collaborate with Ghana Police to intensify night patrols on campus to improve on security.



  1. Introduce short distance shuttling service at a reasonable fee for students.

The fee would be used in fueling and maintaining the buses from time to time.

  1. Continue with the provision of buses for transporting students from BU campus to main campus and back for lectures and examination.
  2. Make provision for transportation of students going on vacation at a subsidized cost.



  1. SRC annual sports festival.
  2. Renovate basketball court at the BU campus.
  3. Provision of floodlights for basketball, volley ball and long tennis courts.



  1. Inter hall rap battles
  2. Inter denominational gospel rock show twice every semester.
  3. Cypher


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