2 KTU Staff Fired For Embezzling Over 600K


The Koforidua Technical University’s (KTU) governing board has terminated two university employees for financial mismanagement.

The council also reprimanded and suspended eight (8) persons for their roles in the crime as part of its disciplinary proceedings.
Three members of the staff, on the other hand, were found not guilty. Following receipt of an official report from the council’s Disciplinary Committee regarding financial wrongdoing discovered two years ago, the decision was made.


After a forensic financial audit was undertaken at the university, it was revealed that an amount of 620,457.32 could not be traced.

The audit report, which was issued on August 6, 2020, revealed financial misdeeds committed by several members of the institution.
They were accused of transferring money obtained as school fees to their personal accounts.
They were interdicted by the University as part of the inquiry process.


Credit to KTU Finest

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