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“2 Capsules” Is an application on google store and apple store which is meant to bring healthcare to your door step, The application is on both Google play and Apple store.

Tap on the link below to download the app


After you get the app or install it on your mobile device what you need to do is just register as a new user.

The application comes with multiple features, there is a feature which I allows the user to chat with pharmacist or medical personnel and also allows you to call them.
There is another feature which allows you to take pictures of prescription and send it to the pharmacist, it also has a search box which allows users to search for the specific drug they want.

Tap on the link below to to download the app:


The app is designed you help you order for your medications and get it delivered to you at your door step here in Takoradi.

Here are their social media pages.




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