10 most costly NFTs purchased by big names

According to another examination of high-profile NFT purchases, Sneak Homey has spent the most money on a single NFT.

CoinGecko, the world’s largest free cryptographic money information aggregator, used exchange data from OpenSea, SuperRare, and Etherscan to identify the most expensive NFTs purchased by VIPs beginning in early 2021. The analysis looked at 50 different notable personalities who allegedly purchased at least one NFT to see who the single biggest spenders are.

Right Snap and Save As buddy ($7,088,229) Sneak Homeboy Sneak Homeboy, an American rapper and character, claims the top spot with his purchase of Right Snap and Save As fellow, which began at a staggering $7,088,229 (1,600 ETH) at the time of purchasing. Sneak Homey acquired the item, which was captured on SuperRare by artisan XCOPY, in December of last year and added it to his ever-expanding collection of NFTs.


Sneak is no longer unusual when it comes to gaining expensive sophisticated craftsmanship, since it was revealed last year that he had been operating under the identity wealthy NFT gatherer, Cozomo De Medici. The rapper, known as a ‘whale’ in the crypto community, has a collection of very important NFTs split over many recordings. This includes a number of CryptoPunks, Exhausted Primates, and a second XCOPY piece that he paid $3.9 million for.

CryptoPunk #2140 by Gary Vee ($3,953,216) Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary Vee as he is often referred to on the internet, comes in just short of the victory with his purchase of CryptoPunk #2140 for a cool $3,953,216. (1,600 ETH). Despite moving a comparable amount of Ethereum as Sneak Home slice’s purchase, Vee was an early follower of the pattern, purchasing this NFT five months ago when one ether was valued at $2,470.76.

Vee is a fervent supporter and expert on NFTs, with his OpenSea account indicating that he has purchased about 7,000 NFTs from various activities. He has acquired a religious following, in part due of the marketing he created inside the crypto community, eventually sending out his own collection of animation NFTs dubbed VeeFriends. This purchase includes a Troublemaker 24-bit craftsmanship chimp sporting an orange hat and sunglasses.

BAYC #3001 – Justin Bieber ($1,301,550) Justin Bieber, a popular music icon, comes in third place with his purchase of Exhausted Chimp Yacht Club #3001 on January 29, 2022 for $1,301,550 (500 ETH). Following his Twitter announcement of the purchase, other customers raced to mock the celebrity, claiming that he had overpaid for a monkey with regular features and qualities. The NFT’s floor price at the time of the transaction was 104 ETH, or $270,908, meaning that Bieber spent almost twice as much to add it to his collection. The NFT depicts a depressed rough-looking chimp with dark earthy colored fur who is wearing a dark blouse over a blue base.

Doodle #2238 by Steve Aoki ($862,056) Steve Aoki, an American DJ and maker, ranks fourth with his purchase of Doodle #2238 on January 7, 2022 for $862,056 (269.69 ETH).
Following the purchase, Aoki paused one of his live exhibits in the middle to show fans the NFT, which had been planned by Canadian artist Scott Martin. Aoki also publicly acquired CryptoPunk #6473 in July 2021 for 65 ETH ($160,599), which he eventually sold for 300 ETH ($974,034) a few months later. Aoki seems to have many OpenSea records that he accumulates and transfers his NFTs between, including SteveAoki, SteveAokiVault, SteveAokixTheUntamedVault, and 29C1EC.

Logan Paul ($624,669) – K4M-1 #03 Logan Paul, the YouTuber turned fighter, earns fifth place with his purchase of K4M-1 #03 from the 0N1 Power collection. He jumped into the NFT sector as far as he could back in February 2021, purchasing this NFT for an exorbitant $624,669 (188 ETH). Logan has a close relationship with Gary Vee and seems to have a significantly different set of NFTs, according to OpenSea, with around two recordings. When his two largest purchases are combined, they exceed the $1 million mark. His two albums, ‘logz’ and ‘D50C2A,’ reveal that he claims a few CryptoPunks and an Exhausted Primate.

BAYC #5269 – Neymar Jr. ($569,531) Brazil and PSG superstar Neymar ranks sixth, having purchased Exhausted Chimp Yacht Club #5269 on January 20, 2022 for $569,531 (189.69 ETH). Neymar paid $1.05 million buying #5269 and a following gorilla, #6633, from the BAYC collection at the same time. The player made BAYC #6633 his Twitter profile photo shortly after the purchase, but has subsequently changed it back to a picture of himself.

#8274 Marshmello – CryptoPunk ($504,069) Marshmello, a hidden electronic music producer, achieves seventh place with his purchase of CryptoPunk #8274 on October 19, 2021 for $504,069 (130 ETH). Marshmello was another one of the celebrities to ‘gorilla in’ in September 2021, purchasing BAYC #4808 for 75 ETH. A few months later, he sold the gorilla to customer tommykethvault.eth for 150 ETH, which was worth $403,371 at the time, garnering the musician roughly $183K in profit. Marshmello seems to have a several cryptocurrency wallets, however his most valuable NFTs may be discovered in his OpenSea account ‘itsmarshmello.’

BAYC #4988 Madonna ($466,461) Madonna comes in eighth place with her purchase of Exhausted Gorilla Yacht Club #4988 on Walk 14, 2022 for $466,461 (180 ETH). In addition to a few NFTs, Madonna has created her own line of computerized craftsmanship called ‘Mother of Creation.’ These three NFTs were created in collaboration with renowned craftsman Beeple, and feature a stripped PC delivered variant of the vocalist collaborating with the real world. Despite causing some controversy due to the unusual nature of the substance, one of the pieces sold for a paltry 170.5 ETH in May of this year – roughly $350,000 at the time of purchase.

BAYC #9055 – Eminem ($453,776) Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is an American musician who bought Exhausted Primate Yacht Club #9055 for $453,776 (123.45 ETH) on December 31, 2021. Eminem bought the chimp, which resembles him to some extent, from Twitter user @Gee Gazza, who rushed to the stage to express his enthusiasm in a tweet. ‘I live in a reenactment.’ Thank you so much, @Eminem, for buying my gorilla and joining the club! Franticness. ‘Please allow me to write a stanza for your next single.’ The NFT has a white furred primate on a black background sporting a gold coat and chain, as well as a square-shaped armed forces headgear similar to the rapper’s.

BAYC #3667 – Tom Brady ($453,062) Pirates quarterback Tom Brady changes the top ten with his purchase of Exhausted Primate Yacht Club #3667 on April 5, 2022 for $453,062 (133 ETH). Brady’s Exhausted Gorilla should be visible, sporting a WWII pilot helmet and smoking a cigarette on a military green foundation. The NFL veteran is one of a few well-known athletes who own an NFT, among Shaquille O’Neal, Steph Curry, and LaMelo Ball. “Famous individuals acquiring NFTs demonstrate how NFTs have begun to intertwine with well-known mainstream culture,” said CoinGecko’s COO and primary advocate, Bobby Ong. “Whether for business goals, as a social symbol, or as a means to get access to elite networks, the NFT sector has a tremendous growth potential that is mostly untapped today.”

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